This website is for teachers and other education professionals interested in how secondary school students best learn mathematics.

It takes each of the ‘key ideas’ in the mathematics curriculum and provides research-based guidance about teaching these ideas to 9- to 19- year-olds. Each idea is broken down into several themes, which have links to relevant online activities and resources that exemplify the approaches presented. The ideas are listed on the left hand side of this page. 

Accompanying book

The content for this site has been written by Anne Watson (University of Oxford), Keith Jones (University of Southampton) and Dave Pratt (Institute of Education), experts in education research, to accompany their book, also called Key ideas in Teaching Mathematics, and published by Oxford University Press.

The book brings together international research in teaching mathematics and shows how students learn, why they sometimes get things wrong, and the strengths and pitfalls of different teaching approaches. Readers of the book will be directed to the relevant page on this site via QR codes and URLs provided in the text.

The website also serves as a standalone resource and will be of benefit to people who have not read the book. Both the website and the research synthesis on which the book is based were funded by the Nuffield Foundation.