Research-based guidance and classroom activities for teachers of mathematics


This website is organised around seven key mathematical domains ('ideas'). These are:

  1. Relations between quantities and algebraic expressions
  2. Ratio and proportional reasoning
  3. Connecting measurement and decimals
  4. Spatial and geometrical reasoning
  5. Reasoning about data
  6. Reasoning about uncertainty
  7. Functional relations between variables

The final section, on mathematics beyond 16, focuses primarily on some advanced aspects of mathematics which are rooted in teaching and learning at a younger level but are developed much further in higher education.

Links to online activities and resources

Each idea is broken down into several themes, which have links to relevant online activities and resources that exemplify the approaches presented.

Recurring themes

A number of themes appear to underpin mathematics learning irrespective of the content area. We have identified these as:

  1. Powerful aspects of the curriculum
  2. Conceptual growth
  3. Teaching approaches
  4. Teaching for conceptual growth through powerful ideas

This website shows how these recurring themes act out in different content areas of mathematics.