Research-based guidance and classroom activities for teachers of mathematics

Quantities and algebraic expressions

We have identified five themes within the key idea of quantities and algebraic expressions: notations and conventions, structures and relations, the equals sign, modelling and using algebra to reason.

Each theme page has links to relevant online activities and resources. A full list of all activities for quantities and algebraic expressions is on the right hand side of this page.

Recognition and construction of algebraic statements

Much manipulation of expressions and equations can now be done by software, but students still need to be able to construct and recognise algebraic statements in their various forms.

A range of tasks is available, including using algebraic methods to model, understand, control and make predictions about relations between quantities and variables. At the heart of all teaching methods is the need to recognise and move between equivalent expressions, equations and representations.

There remains a fundamental need to understand what letters and other symbols represent, and how manipulations provide different, but equivalent, expressions.