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Approach 3: Science in the workplace

Science in the workplace is an approach which integrates practical activities with a careers element within science lessons.

Preparing to use these resources

Before using these teaching resources, have a look at the Introduction to science in the workplace. This includes a brief overview of what science in the workplace is and what it means in practice, in the context of a practical lesson.

You may also be interested in the Summary of the research, produced to inform this development of these resources.

Exemplar resources
  • Horticulture (KS3) - In the context of a nursery manager wanting to know how well different growing media hold water, students carry out a practical investigation and write a short report.
  • Environmental surveys (KS3) - A careers related context for the familiar school field survey activity.
  • Fruit jelly (KS3) - Students find out about the skills needed to work in food technology by making a variety of fruit jellies.
  • Making glues (KS3) - Students learn about scientific careers associated with product development by making and testing their own glues.
  • Sound control (KS3) - Students learn about surfaces which reflect and absorb sound in the context of a sound engineer preparing for a concert.