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Introduction to science in the workplace

Careers work with young people can consist of many different parts. The traditional one-to-one interview for advice and guidance is only a very small part of how pupils will make choices about their future career path. Science teachers should take opportunities to relate their subject to potential future learning pathways and show pupils where the subject sits in the world of work.

There is great potential in being able to integrate practical work with a careers element within science lessons, and this set of resources exemplifies some of the ways in which this can be done.

Six sections provide information on specific areas essential to using the science in the workplace approach successfully.  

1. Why integrate careers information into lessons?

2. The role of teachers as sources of careers information

3. Features of the resources

4. Transferring the model and designing your own resources

5. Involving others and developing longer term strategies

6. Route map

References for the introduction to science in the workplace

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A research summary was produced at the start of the project. It examines the evidence relating to science in the workplace, the implications for using this approach in lessons which include practical work, and suggested interventions.